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We will provide you with outdoor equipment support, so that you can almost put aside any concerns and focus on sales growth.

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    • Free best offer

    • High quality OEM production

    • On time delivery

    • Free best offer

      Free best offer

      Before orders, we welcome any inquiries and provide free consultation. Later on, as per your product needs, we will organize and select the best quotes that suit your project the most. And all are free.

    • High quality OEM production

      High quality OEM production

      Initially work with some of the best suppliers who are fully qualified and good at various complex manufacturing. We have prepared for the production of your professional camping equipment.

    • On time delivery

      On time delivery

      Worried about the reliability of shipment time from different factories in China? This has never been a problem. Because everything is well integrated, we can always ship on time or in advance.

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Competitive Benefits Lead You One Step Further

knows its products and clients better, so as to always able to provide more offers you just need in time.


Hot-Selling Products

Has the ability and know-how to develop with you burst-selling items that can promote your sales to a higher level.

Moderate Price

You are ensured to have the suitable price package offer according to your budget and product specifications.


To allow you for a better trial-order experience or a more flexible plan, our MOQ is almost half lower than peers on average.

Experienced Support

Successfully served many clients, we've been confident to provide strong support and meet all types of challenging demands.

Flexible Solutions

Situations vary among projects. Our team excels at dealing with complicated cases very flexibly, such as consolidated orders.

Reliable Troubleshooting

Your interests will be secured even after sales. All issues will be effectively addressed to save your extra time and costs.

  • Supply Chain Advantages

    Our Value Line to Elevate Profits

    Armed with mature resources, our local and global supply chain of high value is bound to enhance your economic profitability and increase your positive impact of social responsibility.

    • Selected Material Supplies
    • Audited and Dependable Factories of Scale
    • Reliable Logistics System
  • Quality Commitment

    Our Rigorous Quality Won't Fail You

    Regardless of your needs for wholesale camping gear or low-volume E-commerce purchase, implements the same strict quality control criteria and ensures stable quality every time.

    • Complete Compliance of Certifications
    • Full-Scope Inspections of High Standards
    • Third-Party Audit Available


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