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Is manufacturing. We continually pursue innovations in design, development, production and marketing of high quality products and services that meet the needs of professionals and others who use the tools, ensuring quality, efficiency and savings. We also try to make products that meet the demands of the people who use them.

  • OEM and ODM highlights

    It is provided for those who need product design, testing and prototyping, which are the initial elements of ODM services.

    We will proceed based on your suggestions. :

    • Suggestion of idea

    • Manufacturing

    • Verification

    • Flexible delivery time based on project requirements

  • With regard to OEM counterparty trademark manufacturing, can meet your personalized needs by creating or modifying products to suit your needs, regardless of your type.

  • The following is the traditional procedure for OEM / ODM programs.

    • Please email us about the terms.

    • Please send us design files such as logos, blister cards and boxes.

    • We will quote the product price and printing plate fee. Please send us a purchase order and we will start manufacturing the product.

    • We do not offer OEM / ODM for some special items.

OEM ODM services can be provided as needed. Please contact us from the inquiry form.
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